Buying Business Tauranga

We Have the Knowledge and Experience You Need When Buying a Business in Tauranga

Our reliable accountants have assisted clients in buying a business in Tauranga with all facets involved for more than 20 years. We give you an upfront price for each project before we start working on it, ensuring you know exactly what our time and knowledge costs. Why not discover more about our no-risk services?

What You Should Consider When Buying a Business

You want to know whether this is the right business for you and a good deal that you can afford. You also want to be sure there is growth potential.

  • You may need answers to many questions, such as the true value of a property or business and whether the asking price is too high.
  • We offer income tax, bookkeeping and accounting services, business advice and strategies, GST, payroll, and monthly planning reports. Let us review your goals and objectives, advise on potential acquisitions, provide due diligence services, and prepare financial forecasts.
  • We can negotiate or assist with the commercial elements involved in the transaction, give financing advice, point out potential pitfalls and rewards if you consider a merger, and help you prepare a business plan.
  • You will be less likely to buy an unpromising business if you use our professional skills and proficiencies. We provide our clients with an independent viewpoint, guidelines, and formulae to help them make an informed decision regarding a business purchase.

Our new clients will receive a cost-free initial consultation and one hour’s complimentary Crystal Payroll and Xero training.

The Benefits of Professional Advice When Selling a Business

It is a time consuming and arduous task to sell a business. Our accountants have the required abilities to help you with all aspects and will organise a successful sale.

  • Let us compare the varied factors involved and obtain the results you require to establish a realistic sale price before starting the marketing process. We gladly negotiate with potential purchasers and draft a contract.
  • Our friendly, personable staff will assume all the crucial responsibilities to steer you towards a maximum return on your business. Let us guide you regarding the purchase price allocation rules for selling or buying a business or commercial property that came into effect on 1 July 2021.
  • We suggest that you enter a transaction with a solid understanding of the new tax rules and how they affect the position of both parties before negotiating a business asset sale rather than leaving it until after the settlement. These rules may impact your bottom line.
Inland Revenue recommends that you talk to a tax professional and get the details concerning a sale at the start of the process. Talk to us first when you decide to buy or sell a business.

About Ataxz Accountants

Our certified advisors are members of the Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand (ATAINZ) and have Audit Shield Accountancy Insurance. . Contact us to get the support your business needs.