Lead Your Company into The Future with Succession Planning

Whether you own a small or medium-sized business, we offer succession planning to companies such as investors and contractors to ensure that what you’ve spent years building can be carried forward to the next generation.

What You Can Expect from Ataxz Accountants Regarding Business Succession Planning

We provide solutions to business owners who have the foresight to plan for a time when you pass the reins of your company in the hands of a successor who has the competency and dedication to continue what you started. These are the services we can help you with us when you start preparing for change:

  • Strategy for passing leadership roles. We assist companies in planning to transfer ownership to shareholders, employees, a group of employees or even eligible third parties if you wish to retire, move on to new opportunities, or pass away. We help put measures in place where the business can still function and generate income if a pivotal resource leaves the company.
  • Re-evaluation of the succession plan. Your company is constantly evolving, and what might have been a sound plan a year ago may not apply after your business has developed in a specific direction. Therefore, we assist clients in revisiting their plans each year. Although the company’s board of directors oversees this level of planning where they consider what impact this will have on shareholders, we help implement it. To illustrate, business owners may decide to train the next generation to prepare them for business operations requiring multiple skill sets. Alternatively, they could opt to groom mid-level employees to one day be able to run the company. In this event, it is essential to hire candidates who have proven themselves with experience from another company and who show potential in their new role.
  • Bespoke service packages. All of the companies that we service are unique, and we endeavour to provide solutions that are suited to the specific needs of our clients.

What Sets Ataxz Accountants Apart Regarding Succession Planning Strategy

We offer transparent and value-added service, and we strive to exceed customer expectations to secure long-term business. Below are some of the other ways we place ourselves ahead of our competitors.

  • Upfront pricing. We provide value for money where, for example, new clients get a free initial consultation and one hour of Xero and Crystal Payroll training so that you can take control of your accounting activities.
  • Resources. We offer links to documents created to strengthen your company’s capacity. With us, you have access to employment agreement builders, health and safety plan templates and seminars. We also make available forms such as employer and tax code declarations.
  • Latest technology. We incorporate software designed to help streamline processes which in turn saves you time and money.

Why Trust Ataxz Accountant

We have been in operation for over 20 years, during which time we have honed our skills to supply industry-leading service. Contact us for your company’s succession plan and support with other financial services.